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Public Relations Consultancy
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Channel PR's core strength is strategy based advocacy and public relations. Through our innovative integrated communication approach (environment scanning, research & analytics, perception mapping, strategic image output, media relations & advocacy, crisis communication, media innovations, industry & government relations & advocacy, digital online platforms and value added services) we strategically meet the business objectives of clients to reach zenith of credibility and epitome of reputation.

Introduction to Public Relations

"Nothing is as absolute as the truth itself"- M K Gandhi

In a world where perception is a synonym to reality it"s increasingly important to bridge the gap between the two. It does not ask for perception management alone, it also calls for reality checks by Individuals and Institutions. Hence, it is worth noting that a public relations agency not only enhances or manages perception but is also a communication counsellor that brings reality as close to the applauded perception.

Public Relations is the hygiene factor to each who has some stake in public. It"s a strategic tool in the communication gamut based on long term goals managing reputation and credence. Public Relations consultants indulge third parties in a manner where the message output is through neutral bodies and hence, comes with great amount of credibility and respect. PR Authenticates!